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Penis Advantage for natural penis enlargement - Review by Doc Kingston

If you are not one of my subscribers of the premier health blog Health then let me introduce myself. I am Jeremy Kingston PhD. Male patients on my blog and forum many a times ask about natural penis enlargement. As I have already stated in my blog repeatedly that problem of penis size is so common among all age groups that it can be safe in not calling it as a disease. Current Medical and surgical books provide us with hazy data of the average size of penis. The physician society is divided on the definition of average size as it varies from race to race and even from different time say between morning and evening. But in my view as I have repeatedly stated in my works here and elsewhere that if you are not feeling good about it then it is disease. I have already accepted that I use techniques from the site Penis Advantage dot Com for natural penis enlargement of my patients. But things have not been the same always. Today I am revealing you the story that is behind my success. Emails like following pushed me to elaborate my previous review which got tremendous response.


I had been treating patients who wanted to have penis enlargement with surgery like implants and fatty tissue transfer. All these treatments work in many, but not in all. As contemporary text books provide these lines of treatment, but the results are neither sustainable nor reproducible in everyone i.e. we can not expect exact result in every individual. All surgeries on penis increased the length and girth initially, but fibrosis of the implanted fatty tissue returns them to the original length. This has frustrated many of us. Silicone implants that increase the flaccid length was a very common practice, but recently they have been discontinued to adverse effect on ejaculatory power. The silicone is a foreign matter so even though inflammation is very less still then for proper ejaculation the required rhythmic contractions in the penile urethra is mal aligned in presence of silicone. Hence they are discouraged. And after the dismal performance of fatty tissue transfer in maintaining sustained enlargement we as plastic surgeons had almost lost our faith.
There is an old story. A bishop wept before the pope saying that he has lost faith in god and what he should do now. The pope replied FAKE IT.
This seems like the situation of we surgeons and practitioners. We have lost our faith, but many do not want to accept it in open, hence we FAKE IT. During my consultations I came across queries about creams, instruments and e-books for natural penis enlargement.

My experience with different medicated creams and instruments called extenders are that they are simply dangerous. 100% Patients complain of skin redness and erosion with medicated creams. More than 70% patients get injured using the mechanical instruments. But e-books? I thought people can sell garbage on the name of guru books. Well until last year.

The e-mail that changed all

Last September I had a patient named Mr. Josef Roe from London who got fatty tissue transfer operation for Penis Enlargement from me, but his enlargement was short lived. Fibrosis started early and he lost the gain of 1.5 inches in just 2 months. I have told you surgery does not work in a predictable manner. No doubt he was disappointed. After all its cost was 1700 pounds. But to my surprise I found an email from him stating that he gained 2.5 inches. Actually it was a bit of shock to me when he said he got the cure by spending less than one third of my one consulting fee and got the result in just 1 month. This is the mail that I got from Mr. Roe.

Dear Dr Kingston
Let me tell you something straight. Your surgeries might have helped some, but it did not help me. But I got what I wanted. I have the size that wanted touchwood. Yeah that too I learned the techniques from a site called Penis And guess what, it took me only 4 weeks to get more than the increase I got from you and it was way cheaper than your surgery which my insurance did not cover. I know you are not going to give me my money, but still I wanted tell you stop fooling people around with your modern surgery crap and help your patients with some good techniques. You know what; it is less than 25 GBPs. I am sorry if you are offended, but I think you can't help it. Your books might not have taught you what is in that marvelous site. Have a good day doctor.
Good bye

Well as you have guessed I was outraged and thought of busting So I went to the site.The site was full of testimonials. It seemed to make some unbelievable claims about how one could increase the penis size just by reading and applying the techniques given in the website Penis .

What do I do now?

OK then I told myself I am going to waste some money and buy this piece of crap and bust this site that could naturally enlarge penis size with 60 day money back guarantee. What, money back guarantee? Well this made me think, why on earth Penis Advantage site is giving this guarantee. Either they are mad or they are true to their word. They might be telling a lie, I got an answer, or so I thought. But the transaction is through Clickbank. Now that was a shocker for me. Transactions made through Clickbank are the safest way to buy anything online. I bought it and got access to the members’ only section within 10 minutes.

What I found inside the site?

I was curious about what was in that site that helped so many to naturally enlarge their manhood? The site had no miracle cure to increase the penis size. Rather it was full of techniques that the writers had researched. The uniqueness of Penis Advantage lies in its in depth approach. The website is full of different exercises that help to gain size in least amount of time. The site has exercise videos that well narrated. The videos are in no way offensive or pornographic in any way. The techniques helps increase the size. I read all the articles in one sitting. But it took me around one week to understand all the aspects, because they are to be realized and not memorized.

The surprise bonus in the website

I was surprised to see there is a whole section written about certain sex techniques that will increase sexual desire and satisfaction(in addition to control over premature ejaculation this is jackpot). I was surprised to read that there are factors in sex which can lead to premature ejaculation. These factors have been enumerated along with tips to avoid them.

Does the book work?

I was surprised to see there is a whole section written about certain sex techniques that will increase sexual desire and satisfaction and it also deals with control over premature ejaculation now this was jackpot indeed in even my skeptical view. I was surprised to find that there are factors in size of penis which can lead to premature ejaculation. These factors have been enumerated along with tips to avoid them.


I incorporated those techniques and my patients were having success in terms of gaining penis size. But the increase is never more than 3 inches as opposed to the hype of 1-4 inches. But then nobody seems to complain as the increase is permanent. As far my experience I never had a patient whose gain reversed. Needless to say I advised many of my patients against surgery and instead to try the exercises from penis advantage. To cut a long story short today I feel satisfied as a doctor more than ever and honest of course.

Nowadays I get more mails. I have to admit the hate mail of Mr. Roe was the one that started it all. But today the mails are about the praise about the techniques that I use in my counseling/treatment seminars. One of the following is a screenshot chat I had with Jason when he read my earlier review by searching the internet.


Now if you want to get rid of your health problem You CAN do it and this is the way to DO it

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